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  1. this is too weird. It was only last night that I was trying out my friend’s new longboard for the first time, and at the same time I was thinking about how cool (and how much cheaper) it would be to make one on my own. imagine my surprise in reading hack a day this afternoon. thanks to mike for submitting.

  2. you’d actually be suprised how little money you save making your own. first off, the best wood (marine maple) can be really expensive. Secondly, every individual part you have to buy for the board is marked up to twice its original cost by the local surf shop. Case in point, buying plain vanilla gear, trucks= $50/pair, berrings =$17 for the cheapest good ones, $40 for the next best type. $2 grip tape, $4 screws (“hardware”), and $35-40 wheels. so unless you manage to work out some discounts somehow it costs almost as much to buy the cheapest parts as to buy a complete board. a group of coworkers and i started making them this summer, and to ever even have a chance of making any profit we had to buy everything 10 sets at a time for distributor prices.

  3. yeah, my friend has built several of his own longboards. He started riding his longboards like a luge, so I decided to build my own. Pretty sweet! I’m getting ready to build my second.

  4. bucky: no problem

    ive built a speedboard with the instructions on his site with combined some from chris chaput’s (http://www.chrischaput.com/speedboarding/), it rides awesome. i was thinking of building a vacuum bag, but now am in the process of building a pnumatic press from some old i-beams(like from the snowboard article, but with an easier to build replacement for the cat track) so that i can shape both longboards and skis.

  5. ive made some long boards before but this site has some good info.

    my last one was a 1/4 piece of lexan that was 9″ by 29″ with two peices of wood going between the trucks for extra support but it still flexes.

  6. NOOO! I tried that back in October and it was terribleI The wood cracked everytim I stepped onto it and you cant curve it with just one piece. I wouldnt even try to ride it. Two sheets of wood at least… but I use 4 1/8 sheets of baltic birch. This wood will give you alot of flex. And its pretty easy to curve.

  7. you use 2 1/4 inch birch ply so that it will stretch and not crack. one board stretches and one board compacts. if you use 1 1/2 inch then it will stretch and compact which will make it crack

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  9. Ha today i built my own with walnut. looking at some site and the master builders of long boards said that a solid walnut board would be awsome (and vary good) perfect for cruisers and racers.

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