Rack mounted car stereo


[Clinton Mann] sent in how he built a rack mount stereo. I’d normally pass this to the links, but it was so heavily photographed, had a price list, and covered the problems encountered, I couldn’t pass it up. It really is as simple as you think of course the bizarre justification and results video really help sell it. Any other must haves for a data center?


  1. Naked_Nixon says:

    This is great, at the moment my car stereo only gets the spanish station. Yo no hablo espanol.

    First Post!

  2. Josemonkey says:

    Heh . . . my dad pulled off this hack about 15 years ago, albeit in a more low-tech fashion. He used an old car stereo, a single deck mount style speaker, an old antenna, and a car battery.

    He used a *cardboard box* to house everything but the battery. Dad used this “boom box” in the garage when working on the car; it sounded great!

  3. lotmi says:

    … wonder if theres a sound of a car starting when you power it up? :-)

  4. smilr says:

    Ugh – the cutout they made for the fan looks like it was just a leeetle small for that fan. Other than that it looks like a nifty project.

  5. Dick says:

    An old PC power supply for the 12 VDC with a built in fan would have been more hackish and saved quite a bit of the budget.

  6. VonSkippy says:

    This was like so you know cool like – BACK IN THE 70’s. Complete waste of time when $19 at the nearest walMart gets something that will kick the projects ass.

  7. Francis says:

    Cool! I did the same when I was 10 :)

  8. mikrom® says:

    WTF? after mechanic part it’s IMHO horrible ;)

  9. AJ says:

    i actually think this is pretty cool, only adding two more component speakers and a sub with an amplifier would be pretty sweet. lets see a follow up with that included.

  10. Doug says:

    That looks pretty good. I did this is my spare time in the winter:


    Mine doesn’t play MP3’s though.

  11. GRimo says:

    Wheres the 6 inch lcd screen Doug? Cool project though.

  12. i remember seeing one of those in sames when i was a kid back in 93-94 i think it had a box speaker case around it and i know it was about 94 because windows nt was on the sams clerks pc im finna be 17 now so this is a classic

  13. Hussein says:

    The car stereo you want in there is an Empeg. Its a car stereo, with laptop hard drives, an ARM processor, linux, networking, and a healthy dose of ubercoolness.

    Mine is damn sweet. Find out more @ http://www.riocar.org/ and check out the most comprehensive FAQ known to man.

  14. Joel says:

    working on mine now, its using a jensen CM-75K deck which supports CD and Cassette as well as a cd changer… i rippied it out of my ranger before the insurance got a hold of it after i rolled it… i think my roommate’s cd is still in it.

  15. whitemonk says:

    can some 1 e-mail me instructions 4 this project? greasyfingers03@aol.com

  16. CHevy says:

    This project is a lot easier and cheaper then the directions found on the link. All you need is a ac/dc converter you can find them at Walmart, radio shack, everywhere, it needs to be a 12v converter the higher the amps the better. I ended up with a 1300 mil amp converter. Just connect up the positive and ignition wire from the deck to the hot of the converter and the ground to the ground. It’s that simple and it will cost you a lot less too, I picked up mine for 12.99.

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