Rack Mounted Car Stereo


[Clinton Mann] sent in how he built a rack mount stereo. I’d normally pass this to the links, but it was so heavily photographed, had a price list, and covered the problems encountered, I couldn’t pass it up. It really is as simple as you think of course the bizarre justification and results video really help sell it. Any other must haves for a data center?

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Hackaday Links

Team Hack-A-Day is now ranked #620 and climbing. Shouldn’t you be folding?

Music Thing has a couple cool videos featuring live looping. If you want a little history try Bassline Baseline, the story of the 303. It starts off slow, but is pretty interesting. [via Screenhead]

Screenhead also has the very humorous Massachusetts Turnpike hacking.

[John Tokash] has been poking around under the Micro’s faceplate. It has a 5V connection, but he hasn’t been able to get a reading. Nintendo is known for novel feedback systems so I’m guessing they’ll be releasing games that come with special faceplates that light up at appropriate times.

I wish I had seen OpenSourceCMS when set up my first website. It lets you test drive default installs of different CMS. [via Download Squad]

Treehugger needs you to vote on their DIY Eco-Tech Contest.

[Pat]’s fridge/freezer/speaker

Multiple weird projects (lacking details grr) [crowre]

[brainpilgrim]’s take on noise canceling headphones

Yet another laptop cooler [thanks Jeshii]

How-to reserve library books ASAP [Micah c.]

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