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Team Hack-A-Day is now ranked #620 and climbing. Shouldn’t you be folding?

Music Thing has a couple cool videos featuring live looping. If you want a little history try Bassline Baseline, the story of the 303. It starts off slow, but is pretty interesting. [via Screenhead]

Screenhead also has the very humorous Massachusetts Turnpike hacking.

[John Tokash] has been poking around under the Micro’s faceplate. It has a 5V connection, but he hasn’t been able to get a reading. Nintendo is known for novel feedback systems so I’m guessing they’ll be releasing games that come with special faceplates that light up at appropriate times.

I wish I had seen OpenSourceCMS when set up my first website. It lets you test drive default installs of different CMS. [via Download Squad]

Treehugger needs you to vote on their DIY Eco-Tech Contest.

[Pat]’s fridge/freezer/speaker

Multiple weird projects (lacking details grr) [crowre]

[brainpilgrim]’s take on noise canceling headphones

Yet another laptop cooler [thanks Jeshii]

How-to reserve library books ASAP [Micah c.]

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  1. re: turnpike hacking

    yeah, they tell you that you have to slow down to 10-15 miles an hour to go through with the ‘epass’ type systems. in florida we have sunpass, which is an rfid system built by transcore…i’ve been through one of those stations about at 50 miles an hour and it read just fine. if you travel on the turnpike and try to go through the sunpass only lanes at 15 miles and hour you’ll get hit.

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