Hackaday links

With the AOL deal I’ve been hearing a lot of “remember Winamp…” Waxy had the Justin Frankel link I needed.

It has been less than a week since the coupon I used to buy my monitor expired; now you can get a 24″ Dell for $780. Hmm


  1. cokebottle tuque says:

    that flamethrower hack almost makes me want to buy one of thows gimcy robot things

    ps first post =P

  2. Well, you guys could replace email verification with word verification, you know, you get some letters like “GsdFe” and you have to type them in the box under them to post…

  3. Orwell84 says:

    Kevin’s AOTS bot could have survived if he had a flamethrower.

  4. morder says:

    The Dell Screen apparently isn’t 780, it appears to be 959, which is still a great deal, although you can get it for free by buying xps gen5 (at least you could about a month ago)

  5. #2 that’s a good idea. it can be a separate page, so you’ll still have the opportunity to display ads there. yay! A captcha test would be faster for teh poster and easier, perhaps, on the server becasue it doesn’t have to send an email, just pick a random image and compare your entry to whatever it has saved as the key.


  6. Mojo Jojo says:

    Dont listen to “Dewey” Elliot we still love you.

  7. cokebottle tuque says:

    oh on a side note as far as the spaming goes webhashcash is kinda interesting


  8. David says:

    Individual verification for comments sucks.

    Captcha based systems somewhat less annoying.

    How about adding real user accounts(with email verification on the creation)? Leaving a captcha based method for non-account holders.

    Otherwise keep up the good work.

  9. Personally I say keep it as-is, but that’s just me.

  10. jared harley says:

    I was going to say that we should keep the verification system, as it help stops pointless spam posts, but I REALLY like the idea of user accounts – I want to be a registered member of hack-a-day! Maybe only the registered members get to go to a special, non-beta site.

  11. jared harley says:

    also – will the confirmation emails stop coming from Weblogs, inc?

  12. 'Brid says:

    sweet ya read digg. check out hybrid_goth comment on the informality. :D i love the laid back feel.

  13. Bob says:

    yea no more conformation emails

  14. strider_mt2k says:

    I like the robosapien mod very much.

    It seems to me that that would also look killer on the RoboRaptor, if it could be rigged to make it breathe fire.

    Viva la Hackaday!

  15. Captsnuffy says:

    I guess there is a poitn to the email verifications: they stop advertising spambots. It would be incredibly cool if we could have actual user accounts, that would really make a real community.

  16. xSmurf says:

    Re: email verification removed..
    Yup I’d go for user accounts. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to tarce all your, or others, comments to follow certain sorties. Heck! on top of that Most of us here live in a privilege based world and isn’t hackaday the father of our roots?

  17. mr. int says:

    There are a number of tutorials that go as in-depth as that one for a number of clients, many covering a number of the mainstream clients. Herae are two:
    http://dessent.org/~btfaq (this link may be wrong, it is out of memory)


  18. Hal Hockersmith says:

    Captcha can be broken.
    There is software out there that has but it has not been released.

    The email thing is not bad and if anyone was goint to spam the comments they could write a script to do this already.

    The user accounts are the hardest for admins but easiest for users. Why? Backing up the database that contains the usernames and then having a loging somehow.

    I say leave it like it is. Some Captchas are so badly implemented that you the human cant even read it. User accounts means one more password to remember.

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