USB And UDP Using An AVR

usb ir

If you understand that alphabet soup title you’re in for a treat. Igor Cesko’s original project was constructing an IR interface for his computer so he could control it remotely. He built a simple serial dongle for this task because he didn’t want to use a microcontroller for decoding the IR. USB is becoming far more common than serial interfaces so Igor decided to try programming a microcontroller for USB communication. His controller works for his IR project, but it should be easy to use for any other project you want a USB interface on. His most recent project was teaching an AVR to do UDP. Using his IR -> UDP device and a crossover cable he can place the receiver farther away from the computer. It requires a full duplex connection and has been tested connected directly to a NIC. It’s unknown whether it will function properly connected to a router.

[thanks johannes]

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