Shortened usb pcmcia card

[Rune] got tired of seeing the side of his USB card hanging out of his laptop. He cut it down and re-assembled it to keep all of it inside of his laptop. Nice clean work. I’ve taken PC cards apart before, and it’s a challenge to keep them looking this good after that.

DIY A/V switch

I knew this was coming out, but [mike] was kind enough to remind me. [Ben Heckendorn]‘s latest How-To is up on engadget. He provides a method of building your own A/V switch with as many inputs as you want, cheap. Each input uses a $.50 bus switch – literally, you could build one with 20 inputs if you really wanted to. (add some shielding if you do) If you’ve got too many game consoles, this might be your ticket. You can probably use the same trick to build a component video switch if HD’s your thing.