I’m gonna die from 1000lbs of tile extra

I spent most of my day laying nearly an actual ton of tile in my house. Right now it hurts to just to type. (And thanks to Marsha for the helping hand.)

[ironjungle] sent in his $20 kite cam project. (Same camera as the cat cam)

[Dan] sent along some pics of his and his friends shoverboard builds (leaf blower hover boards)

[fucter] sent along his take on my simple audio mixer how-to.

[B-Rock] sent along a little iphone sim testing performed by our buds over at tuaw.

If you’re trying to develop web content for the latest in geek swag, you might dig firebug for the iphone.


  1. Dave says:

    A ton is 2000 pounds, not 1000,

  2. spiderwebby says:

    are you sure that isent a tonne?
    a metric ton is 1000Kg

  3. CriticalFault says:

    Yes, quite right. Wiki agrees though its actually slightly more than 2000lbs i believe its 2240lbs


  4. Will OBrien says:

    A short ton = 2000lbs. I put down nearly 1000 lbs of tile – and something close to that in cement backer board.

  5. exine says:

    …Who cares if he got it wrong or right guy’s, Damn…

    Is it one color? Did you integrate a pattern or anything?

  6. the anonny mouse says:

    “Is it one color? Did you integrate a pattern or anything?”

    Just look at the photo- they’re all white. ;)

  7. Joel Aud says:

    Save your extra tile! Put it in the attic, but what ever you do, save it. BTW, tiles with dremil cut slots make great mounts for nichrome wire for plastic benders.

  8. dave says:

    i’ve always wanted a freaking hoverboard. any word on when the next album will come out? it doesn’t look like they are very far along yet…
    keep it up!

  9. chris mca says:

    I’m in the process of laying down 50 sq ft in the bathroom. Yes, between the backerboard and squatting for 5 hours, I had to quit. I could not tile anymore. If I cut one more piece, I think I would have passed out. It’s definitely a workout for anyone who doesn’t do it regularly. I just feel bad for you when you have to grout it – at least that’s the easy(ier) part!

  10. iapx80888 says:

    I’m wondering why don’t they use an annular air cushion like hovercraft do.

    Cockerell used simple experiments involving a vacuum cleaner motor and two cylindrical cans. He proved the workable principle of a vehicle suspended on a cushion of air blown out under pressure, making the vehicle easily mobile over most surfaces.”

  11. Man, I feel for you with that floor. I spent the weekend reflooring my bedroom in laminate – ripping the carpet out, ripping the underlay out, putting everything down. It was a *much* bigger job than I thought it’d be and took 30 hours straight. I’m in such agony right now because of it too!!

  12. Robert says:

    I tiled my house also. Did you notice how the last box of tile weighed more than the first?

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