New XBox 360 Downgrade hack

[Paul] let me know about a new way to get a hacked kernel on a XBox 360. A new timing attack will soon allow you to install an older kernel with without having the CPU key which was the catch 22 situation before. The proof of concept ressurected a bricked XBox by doing some interesting things to one of the NAND (memory) blocks on the machine.
Great news for the homebrew/hacking scene!

10 thoughts on “New XBox 360 Downgrade hack

  1. “…install an older kernel with having the CPU key”
    Surely you mean without the key?

    Looks like the advent of proper x360 homebrew, awesome!

  2. I love seeing people reverse engineer consoles like this. I wonder what the xbox360 engineers think… its gotta be amusing to see how people break into something you’ve designed to keep people out :)

  3. It should be rather exciting to see all the new things folks will be able to develop… HD Media centers… HD-DVD archivers….

    Let your imaginations run wild, boys! (and girls…)

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