New XBox 360 Downgrade Hack

[Paul] let me know about a new way to get a hacked kernel on a XBox 360. A new timing attack will soon allow you to install an older kernel with without having the CPU key which was the catch 22 situation before. The proof of concept ressurected a bricked XBox by doing some interesting things to one of the NAND (memory) blocks on the machine.
Great news for the homebrew/hacking scene!

10 thoughts on “New XBox 360 Downgrade Hack

  1. I love seeing people reverse engineer consoles like this. I wonder what the xbox360 engineers think… its gotta be amusing to see how people break into something you’ve designed to keep people out :)

  2. It should be rather exciting to see all the new things folks will be able to develop… HD Media centers… HD-DVD archivers….

    Let your imaginations run wild, boys! (and girls…)

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