NES inside a controller with cartridge compatibility

[Tony] sent in this Nintendo hack. It’s a fully functioning NES with Composite output inside an old school controller. On the back it’s got a cartridge connector, so you can play normal games, there’s a port for a second player/light gun, and for extra bling, the Nintendo logo is backlit. To pull it off, he stuffed a Super Joy III – A.K.A. famiclone inside the controller, did a marathon of soldering for the cartridge connector, and used the now unused controller wires to carry the video and second controller signals.

Yes, this has been around for a while, but I dig it.


  1. war6763 says:

    Man, this hack is a couple months old, at least!!

  2. thethirdmoose says:

    Nice… All it needs now is a monitor =P

  3. El fluffo says:

    Ben did this a long time ago this is old news

  4. Corey says:

    This is very obvious, but you may too do it.

  5. biqut2 says:

    Im seeing this for the first time and I think its a pretty cool idea.

  6. now try to fit original nes parts inside a controller. thatsa hack i’d pay to see o_o

  7. sgt_easton says:


    Yeah, and make it work every time (unlike the original)

  8. Freshnessninja says:

    they say that you can now software emulate a sega into a watch sized device… which really just makes me suprised that wasn’t the case here.

  9. Josh says:

    Ugh. Guys, this is NOT Ben’s work. I’m a moderator at his forums, and this project was made by a member there. So please, give credit where it’s due, people! :P

  10. nes says:

    The illumiated Nintendo logo looks wicked. Had a go at doing the same thing myself with a SNES cart. Results here:

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