29 thoughts on “Mic Preamp In An IPod Touch Dock Connector

  1. surface mount the op-amp and it’ll fit easier than cake. If you’re up for some uber-miniaturization, pick out some of those TINY opamps maxim has (I think they’re on the scale of those SOT transistor packages). Since it’s only one channel, this makes it even easier–I’d imagine with some really tiny passives (0201/0402 anyone?). Of course, the soldering gets even more difficult. I’d imagine you could fit this whole thing under the microphone–maybe if you’re really, really, really up to the challenge you could fit the whole thing under the mic and encapsulate it with some epoxy for an ultra-miniature amplified mic.

  2. you get FAR better recording with a battery box than with a preamp.

    Allowing that microphone to swing a full 9 volts instead of the paltry voltage a ipod gives it always sounds better.

    too bad the ipod wont record good. Gotta love my iriver that allows stereo 48khz at 384kbps mp3 recording with manual level control. Kicks the crud out of any ipod.

  3. >>> is it anything different to the plug-in mics you could get for the older ipods?

    The commercial mic plugs are “signed” and communicate with the iPod. in case they were not licensed to a given iPod generation, the iPod says “not supported”. however, this design is pure analog, and is compatible with all iPods with LineIn pins.

  4. Its not to record crap its for Voip…u can use the i touch like the iphone thanks to him now, if u hav an i touch use sum voip software and ur making calls..pretty sweet gotta get the plans for that to do to mine.

  5. I got the $25 Walmart ipod iVoice to work with vnotes which means the touch will work with voip when it comes out 1-1-08. The mod to the unit is not too hard. U4 is a Max9812 like the one the mic project boys have been working on. The ‘secret’ is to remove R24 (a 0 ohm) resister near the very edge of the board. One side is connected to pin 1 of U4. That is the amp chip enable pin. The pin is low via other hardware on the board.
    Now wire from where the R24 U4 was to one side of the LED. That will put 3.3 VDC on pin 1 of U4 turning it ON ! Now the mic amp is on and working.
    The beauty of all this is the mic is available at Walmart for $25 and it has a line in plug to boot !
    I hope this helps further the voip project by making the mic available nearly everywhere.
    It is the iVoice III

  6. can i have the specs or components needed for this ipod touch hack? i’ up for the challenge of making one for my ipod… please send me the list of components on my mail thanks!

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