iPhone GPS module

The boys over at engadget put this up while I was working it over, but I’m still gonna hit it. [Curt] sent in the iPhone GPS he put together. He’s using a micro-controller to send the ground toggle handshake we mentioned in the iPhone serial tutorial, along with a small NMEA serial GPS module. After the handshake is completed, the controller hands over the serial port to the GPS output. (Since the handshake only needs the ground toggle, I’d guess that the module is connected to the TX/RX lines all the time.) By the way, the GPS looks like this SiRF II board sold by spark fun electronics.


  1. greg says:

    does this work with the Ipod touch? if so I might have to go buy one and wait till this comes out.

  2. federico says:

    is there some reason you can’t use a bluetooth gps with these devices?

  3. Naturally I think that this should work with the iPod touch. The only thing that might be different is the “secret handshake” that it has to use.

  4. JTD says:

    federico: There is no Bluetooth stack as such for the iPhone, Apple did not finish the software.

  5. troy says:

    i love the idea but the big question here is battery consumption

  6. AW says:

    The whole strobe thing is no longer necessary. I guess almost sadly rendering the whole micro controller business a wasted effort.


  7. Jeff says:

    Happy Christmas to All!

  8. It seems to be the hackers that keep the popularity of the ipod on top of the blog charts. Sh*t I bought the touch as soon as I saw a youtube video of it playing NES ROMS. It was intergrated so well I have to wonder if Apple was involved in the project. The hacked GPS was a nice touch, but they really should have added bluetooth to the iphone.

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