Simple fan controller

When I built my LumenLab projector, I used a thermal switch to run the fan. This simple control circuit looks like a nice alternative. The circuit is a simple adjustable temperature triggered Fet. If you know the resistance needed, you can replace the potentiometer with a cheap resistor. (You’ll want to use a DC fan)


  1. MadEngineer says:

    I wonder, in the state that the fan doesn’t spin where the voltage is too low for it to start rotating, will it slowly burn out?

  2. Kris says:

    Nice – just what I need for my latest project: APRS temporary digipeater in a box. This is a better solution then a fan running constantly – even when it’s not seeing any use. – Kris

  3. patrick says:

    I made a similar one a while back, still using it in one of my computers to regulate a fan:

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