DIY TomTom docking station

TomToms have been getting pretty cheap. We like ‘em because they’re nice and hackable. This diy docking station was made from some etched PCBs, a bunch of male pin headers and a bit of hot glue.


  1. rasz says:

    oh mah god that is so ghetto, i love it

    but Tomtoms are still WAY overpriced

    in Poland you can get Chinese knockoffs running Windows CE like Akira 3512 or Manta 020 for $90
    you can unlock them to a full windows mobile mode and install TomTom on them :)

    this it
    3.5′ touch screen
    Windows CE 5.0; Procesor Centrality’s Atlas II 400MHz; SDRAM 64 MB; 128MB Flash

    all for $90 and you can unlosk it to full windows CE access

  2. rasz says:

    forgot the link to hacks
    sadly its in polish only :(

  3. andrew says:

    I’ve always wanted to use the tomtop map data on SD for my own nefarious uses.. does anyone have specs or hacking info on the map data?

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