Motorcycle throttle bodies for your car

[Dem_z] modded his Honda VTEC engine to use a set of individual throttle bodies from a 2001 Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle. The fuel injection bungs on the throttle bodies were epoxied shut and the bodies were only used to provide individual butterflies for each cylinder. This one doesn’t quite make our to do list, but it’s definitely a hack.

[bender386] caught my blunder first, so I’ll be sending him a bit of Hack-A-Day swag. In the meantime, here’s a little bonus: Check out this home built anamorphic lens. Native 2.35:1 projectors have started showing up, but they’re insanely expensive. By adding some image processing and a lens to stretch the projected image, you can get full width projection and use all the pixels on the projector.


  1. strider_mt2k says:


    I’m circuit bending a 50-cent electronic guitar and feeling “differently-abled” by comparison!

    Go dude, GO!

  2. Bender386 says:

    Eliot posted this back in 2005 same project just on a different forum.

  3. miked says:

    i approve of this post

  4. Never thought I’d see ITBs on hackaday, :p. It nice work though…the real crazy diy is running ITBs with a turbo.

  5. npre says:

    This is pretty popular for Hondas and VWs, on my Jetta I used CBR600RR throttle bodies, they make a fun noise but are nowhere near the power & drivability you can get from a good turbo. There is a VW forum dedicated to this mod:

  6. H8tred says:

    What’s all this? You guys are really making me feel hopeless as though I truly have come to the end of the internet. Not only is this all over damn near every car enthusiast site, but it was posted on here back in ’05.

    How about letting people know about PGMFI.Orgs struggle with Hondata who has been trying to shut down all grass roots development of DIY ECU tunning.

  7. byteflip says:

    This info’s source was ripped from HMT which should be getting respect for this write up.

    god damn rippers.

    much respect goes to /

  8. Citizen_Insane says:

    First off, why are you comparing ITB’s to a turbo? Completely different.

    Anyway, the other thing you should mention here is how hard it is to tune ITBs. You can’t just slap em on and hope you car runs well, you’ll need to redo your fuel maps so that the car runs correctly. For OBD1 Hondas, check out CHROME and for OBD0 check out turboedit (dead but you should still be able to find roms on the net).

    Drivability isn’t much of an issue with ITB’s if they’re tuned right. HOwever they won’t make a lot more power than the stock manifold unless you’re running some serious engine mods. Think high comp pistons, nice header and some decent head work (PnP + cams).

  9. dravin21 says:

    lil out of my reach there but my old subaru justy had constant carb issues so i welded a manidold up and put the carbs from a 1979 750 special on it … took some rejetting to get the power back up but with those and a glasspack it rumbled nicely

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