The pinnacle of modern robotics: Bar2D2

[Jamie Price] directed us to this photostream of the build for Bar2D2. Though it isn’t the first bartender bot we’ve covered. It very well could be the best executed.  Bar2D2 can travel around the party dispensing bottles of beer, shots, and even cans. The construction looks fantastic. You can follow along in the photostream from the very beginning.  It is currently radio controlled and can party for about 8 hours per charge.  The next planned upgrade is a system that allows you to choose a mixed drink from a database and Bar2D2 will mix it up.

As you can see from the pictures, Bar2D2 is the life of the party, attracting pretty girls and cheesy sci-fi tv pirate astronauts too.


  1. rivetgeek says:

    I’ll take the one on the right. The robot is pretty cool too I guess.

  2. Greg says:

    Two words:

    Pimp $hit!

    or maybe

    Designated Driver?

  3. Chris says:

    Yeah but can it make a really good martini

  4. geezer says:
  5. Jamie says:

    Thanks for the props, guys! As for the martini, wait a couple of months and the answer will be yes! The plan is to use a small laptop remotely with bluetooth to talk to the robot and it will be able to mix drinks from pressurized ingredients from a menu. Good times :)

  6. sarsface says:

    Fuck the robot, I want the hula hoop girl

  7. smelly1 says:

    Ok.. it’s a deal.. you fuck the robot.. I’ll fuck the girl. But gimme a shot of Jack Daniels first, ok?

  8. Know-Orange says:

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