Android hacks roundup

Our friend [Jeffrey Sharkey] hacked the iTunes remote control protocol and produced his own version for Android, one of the smartphone OSes we just covered. He pored over dumped packets for a few days and wrote a client which is of course GPL’d. Besides that, he’s been busy winning the Android Developer Challenge. His app, Compare Everywhere, was one of the top 10 winners, netting him a cool $275,000. This ingenious bit of code deciphers barcodes scanned using a cell phone camera and then finds prices for that item at every nearby store that sells it.

The other winners wrote apps that do cool things such as one-click cab ordering, locate missing children, and find parties. Check out all 50 finalists and winners here.


  1. Jinto.Lin says:

    David Crowder Band! Illuminate is my favorite albums of theirs.

  2. supershwa says:

    Very nice — Android is so much fun. Google’s G1 is slick as hell, and is my phone of choice!

  3. Dave says:

    Heh, it IS nice to see DCB getting a little HAD love.

  4. Jash Sayani says:

    Any way to load Android OS onto a Windows Mobile phone…?

    After all the HTC G1 is originally a Win Mob phone… I would like to try loading Android on my O2 XdaII mini…

  5. Gh0sTly says:

    The G1 was never ment to be a WinMo phone.
    If you want info on loading Android onto your XDAII, chech of you will find the info there.

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