E Ink shows off the AM300 developer kit

The AM300 developer’s kit, shown in this video, has some pretty cool new features. It has the ability to show much faster animations than before, as well as having 16 bit gray scale image rendering and pen input. The animations look pretty quick, they mention this being useful for diagrams and advertisements. We just can’t wait to have our newspaper look like its covered with annoying flash banners and animated gifs.


  1. Jack says:

    it’s 4 bit , 16 levels of gray.

  2. G Beardrondo says:

    Hey, don’t mock it! My laptop (Intel 386 processor; the Toshiba t3100sx) has sixteen colours of bright orange on the plasma display. It’s like everything has a Halloween theme!

    In case that’s unclear, a Halloween themed laptop display is awesome. What was my point… ah yes. 4 bit grey scale rocks my socks!

  3. Lupin says:

    Any word when they will put these into actual products?

  4. tonselasaurus says:

    wow, just flipping wow. in my old age (24) im beginning to see fewer possibilities in products and technologies. this actually makes me want to vomit waiting for it to come out as a viable tool.

  5. Kyle says:

    We are working with this kit in our university senior project. I was surprised to see it on hack a day.

  6. Fry-kun says:

    Cue newspaper adblocker, viruses and DoS attacks.

    Didn’t irex iliad include the pen input for a while now? I guess the controller is better nowadays… but the contrast ratio & relatively low resolution still kinda suck.
    I wouldn’t invest any money into this tech just yet :P

  7. Kaos says:

    I can see the military using this to display maps and targets on the battlefield. In civilian roles, how will this compete with PDAs, notebooks, and touchscreen displays?

  8. veegeezee says:

    kaos – the biggest selling points for e-ink are an incredibly long battery life (or conversely, a very small battery) and the lack of need for a backlight.

  9. cde says:

    I predict all newspapers will become like the ones in the Harry Potter movies…

  10. david says:


    Also because of the lack of backlight you can read these displays in direct sunlight. Backlit screens are more difficult to read, if not impossible for some.

  11. Wwhat says:

    I just realised, since e-paper only uses power while changing state it means an animation will drain the batteries like mad since it changes at x times a second, that’s nice, the ads ruin the product’s abilities.

  12. blizzarddemon says:

    Im really looking forward to the future of EInk. LCD are great, but all that light being projected right into your eyes hurts after awhile.

  13. max.elliott says:

    Is it still 3000$ ?

    I’ll think about using it when the dev kits come down to remotely reasonable. Say, 300$.

  14. mesoiam says:

    blizzarddemon, you shouldn’t let poets lie to you :-p

  15. mesoiam says:

    blizzarddemon, you shouldn’t let poets lie to you :-p

  16. JackTheDiskRipper says:

    Any idea how and where to buy one of those kits?

  17. drmckay says:

    yeah, i want one real bad! this and an emotiv epoch headset! unfortunately, being a high school student, i don’t exactly have money to burn. but i still want to know if it is possible to get one of these with any ease!

  18. nihilocrat says:

    I have a feeling that once epaper readers become fairly common, bookwarez is going to become a much more high-profile version of piracy. Some day, it will be commonplace for students to pirate their textbooks rather than spend $500-1000 a semester buying them, and Europeans will save a few forests worth of paper by not having to photocopy their material. Epaper is going to have the same effect on the publishing industry that the music industry has seen with mp3s and iPods, and they are going to hunt for people to sue to cover their losses.

  19. andrew says:

    16 levels of gray != 16 bit

  20. quadrapod says:

    According to their store this kit is 3,000 USD. I would love to try this thing out but not at that price tag.

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