Autonomous Wall-E

[djsures] went crazy on his Interactive Wall-E toy. Wall-E just didn’t have enough bounce in his step, so [djsures] decided to give him an overhaul. He went through the entire robot and replaced most of the joints with servos, giving much more control and adding head tilt. All of this was wired to a microcontroller housed in Wall-E’s body. The distance sensor was mounted in Wall-E’s neck, so when he turns his head, he’s actually surveying his surroundings.  Check out the video after the break.


There’s lots of great info in this instructable, from specifics on how he did certain parts to links about how servos and microcontrollers work. Great job [djsures].

25 thoughts on “Autonomous Wall-E

  1. Thank you every much everybody! It’s nice to feel supported and hear wicked feedback… I’m working on another robot pet right now.. There will be pics in a week. it’s a furry fun loving giggly monster!

    ps: chicks will dig it ;)

    1. Love the work….I have same wall e model I know he’s not as cool but I’d like to control him but have no remote. Do you know of a remote hack or download I can get so I can make him do the basics?? Any help much appreciated, thanks

  2. awesome!! this is exactly what i have been working on for my son. i want to add some way for it to follow him around (RFID detection maybe, not face recognition).

    2d mapping won’t be useful, because he will be picked up and moved all the time, but i do want it to follow him and if he’s not there, look for him.

    probably need a self-righting mechanism, and also would need to add some stair detection so he doesn’t go for a fall. return to base for charging would be good, too.

    was this based on the U-Command wall-e with the remote control??

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