Leather Keyboard


Do you know what’s better than a Das Keyboard? A keyboard covered in leather. The smooth texture and probably squeaky action must be highly sought after since they are asking $548 for one.  If you want the key labels etched in, you can get it for $603. We know that our holiday shopping just got a little easier.

[via Gizmodo]


  1. _matt says:

    Needs moar numpad.

    I’m guessing that’s qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm in Japanese?

  2. barry99705 says:

    That’s actually kinda ugly. Looks like a regular plastic keyboard that got a little too hot.

  3. ryan says:

    i’ve already worn my laptop’s plastic keyboard smooth. i bet that thing would disintegrate in a week.

  4. OldGlory747 says:

    _matt, actually it appears to be a sentence. gihagishitamonodeha is probably several words without any spacing, while arimasen detsu i believe means something along the lines of ‘it does not exist’.

  5. OldGlory747 says:

    Just took a look…it looks like a keyboard made of poo… I mean, I have to give some love for the concept, but criminy… that is not a good looking button board.

  6. Basic says:

    now a FLExIBLE leather keyboard, thatd be awesome.

  7. roosta says:

    agreed basic.

  8. will d. says:

    looks ugly as sin, however i’m quite intrigued how they did this: “stamped into each character also will be a craftsman”.

  9. zypher says:

    This thing would be nasty to get home rowed by.

  10. razvan784 says:

    dude, no caps lock, wonderful!

  11. pelaca says:

    Beware your dog. He eat it!!!

    I prefer that:


  12. EdZ says:

    I /think/ that “GIHAGISHITAMONODEHAARIMASEN DETSU” means something along the lines of “the sides/area surrounding the keys is not real leather”. But I could be hideously wrong.

    This looks like something you could easily do yourself with a bit of patience, an old keyboard, and some decent glue. And maybe a file to widen the gaps between keys if your leather is too thick.

  13. sherbang says:

    Looks like the Happy Hacking Keyboard:


  14. Anonymous says:

    4 str 4 stam leather keyboard! lvl 18????

  15. Tsugihagi Ya says:

    The “gihagishitamonodehaarimasen” is part of a larger sentence saying that: “The sides of pieces are all one piece and not separate pieces of leather cobbled/patched together.” Google Translate broke up a word (tsugihagi) in the wrong place, causing the confusion.

  16. mouseman says:

    this isn’t a hack, it’s a shameless holiday sales plug

  17. incognito says:


  18. mike says:

    There has to be a bdsm joke about this keyboard that somebody can think of…

  19. Clay says:

    Heh, I wonder if Recardo Montalbon has one of these? Only if it’s covered in rich corinthian leather I guess…

  20. VonSkippy says:

    “GIHAGISHITAMONODEHAARIMASEN DETSU” translates into “Made from the smoothest belly skin of un-fingerprinted foreigners…”

  21. nubie says:

    “leather would disintegrate in a week” and “keyboard made of poo”

    Right, because leather isn’t a good wearing surface? Darn, tell that to people who use it to sole shoes. Only been doing that for thousands of years.

    Yes, that is exactly what I think when I see the interior of a car in leather, interior made of poo.

    If I was into leather I might do this, I’m not.

    On the other hand if they would pay me $xxx for it I could make it out of cream or brown leather and use a woodburning kit to “brand” the keys, a trick that these folks sorely missed.

    As for a black one, I could easily use glue and an old (or torn) jacket to re-create this.

    If you wanted to mass-produce this as a retrofit you could use jig to clamp all the keys and use a mill to cut them all down at once, then just glue and go! Maybe a leather die to shape and cut the leather in one go, so the gluing process would go quickly.

    The manufacture of this keyboard would be interesting to me, as would the money paid me for making them. I don’t think there is much of a market though.

  22. deathwombat says:

    ah yes, that’s the perfect thing to go with my wallet

  23. Louis II says:

    That’s not something I’d want to touch:


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  27. EnglishBob says:

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