GameCube With Built In Screen


In light of our recent rash of Nintendos stuffed into other Nintendos, we are happy to show a Nintendo mod project that breaks form and makes something marginally useful.  [Sami] added an LCD to his GameCube, and made it look good too.  Attached to the top of the GameCube, it hinges at the side allowing for you to close it all up for transport or storage. Great job [Sami].

15 thoughts on “GameCube With Built In Screen

  1. Actually I bought something exactly like this. It had a cold cathode backlight, and I didn’t know anything about electronics, so when it stopped working, i tightened all the screws. Now I know those were POTs and my colors were all fucked up, and then one thing breeded another and I lost everything… O.o

  2. It looks like he took a PS1 screen and made it fit a game cube,,,The trouble is, the same company made a ps1 screen, a xbox screen, and a game cube screen. All with the same 4″ LCD, but in a different case to fit each console. Nice hack I guess, but no need if you could buy the gamecube screen for the same price as the ps1 screen / less than the cost of the hack.

    I bought one of the game cube screens back in the day to use as a monitor for my first car pc. It was black and square, very clean looking, and matched my dashboard very well. Also, the hinge made it fold flat for when i parked, or didn’t want a monitor in my way.

  3. I bought a clip-on screen for my GC that went right through the handle and had short power and video piggyback connecters built in, all for $30. Seems like this is a waste of effort for no good reason but that it can be done.

  4. Once bought a cheap Joytech clip-on screen for a gamecube because it had normal audio & composite video inputs (I didn’t own a gamecube). Turned out it was an STN type screen – utterly dire refresh rate resulting in terrible smearing – so I dropped it on eBay and got more than what I paid for it (and a positive feedback to boot).

    If you can hack a decent screen on for less than it costs to buy a pre-made one and you have the time+skills, then why not :)

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