Your face on a bot

We’ll file this one under “creepy yet amusing”. You can now order a MechRC robot with a 3d replica of your own head mounted to it. The site is offering this as a product. Simply take some pictures of your face upload them and mark some options. They’ll send you your robotic replica, ready to go. As they point out at botjunkie, they’ll put any face on there that you have some decent pictures of. That’s even creepier.


  1. The Moogle says:

    Now we can remember grandma as the MechRC robot she always was :)

  2. neomunk says:

    I was thinking about sending in some Hitler pics and recreating the final scene from Wolfenstein3D. I’ve seen 12″ GI Joe-type figures that look remarkably like BJ, so it would work out great!

  3. Quadrapod says:

    there appears to be an error here. This is definitely filed away under robot hacks.

  4. Pilotgeek says:


  5. Pilotgeek says:

    You win too.

  6. this is weird!!

  7. Hubert J. Farnsworth says:

    Good news, everyone!
    I’ve invented a device that lets anyone sound exactly like me.

  8. an4rk says:

    i fail to see how this is even a hack…

  9. wifigod says:

    I fail to see how they’re in business. $150 is neat to have your own action figure, but $2000 for a “lifesize” cup made to look like my head? Rediculous.

  10. nubie says:


    Freaking uncanny valley for sale on the web.

    That, in a nutshell, is why this is so creepy.

  11. kyle007 says:

    I wonder what fartface’s would look like -just kidding :)

  12. Wwhat says:

    Loling@Hubert J. Farnsworth
    I can hear the voice in my head :)

  13. i love watching GI Joe, both the cartoon series and the movie. I am hoping that they would make a sequel. `

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