Adafruit introduces the Sensor Pack 900


Our friends over [adafruit] recently released the Sensor Pack 900, a collection of parts for anyone who is interested in using analog sensors with their projects. The pack includes 9 sensors. They range from simple thermistors and hall effect sensors to sharp distance sensors. Also included in the pack are 3 unidentified components that can be used to interface with the analog sensors in the pack. At only $30, the Sensor Pack 900 seems to offer a great set of introductory components for anyone prototyping a new device.

9 thoughts on “Adafruit introduces the Sensor Pack 900

  1. Nice thing, as a starter and universal playground. Let’s hope that they’ll offer these sensors individually, or at least as not-so-universal packs targeted at, say, a typical robot builder.

  2. 2.21 jiggawatts googfan… 2.21…
    Nice looking kit though. Not my cup of tea, but for robotics, home automation or cool new computer input device, it’d be sweet.

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