in the oomlout offices, everyone loves twitter. They love it so very much, they decided to find new and fun ways to participate. This one is the TwypeWriter. It searches for a keyword and then physically types out the results for everyone to peruse. There are a couple videos of it in action on their site, as well as the source code to make one for your self.

[via the Hack a Day flickr pool]

14 thoughts on “TwypeWriter

  1. More twitter hacks…..

    I must say this is an interesting use of technology, however it may be better suited for something more interesting, such as RSS feeds. Possibly coming from hackaday. ;)

  2. I just found an old electronic typewriter in my attic, interesting coincidence, although twitter seems like a silly thing to waste such a cool machine on.

    I have a challenge: Make a typewriter interface that takes a picture, converts it to ascii, and types it out. That would be a real work of art and a good use for such a beautiful machine.

  3. Creepily enough, I have that exact same model typewriter sitting under my desk. It was given to me by my great aunt a while ago and I’ve been trying to think of ways to repurpose it without scrapping it. This gives me a lot of ideas, but not twitter based ideas, noooo.


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