Keepon, eat your heart out

[Ruyck] sent us this video of his mini Keepon robot. For those who haven’t been initiated, Keepon is a very emotive, and extremely expensive, dancing robot. He is deceptively simple looking, but as you can see in [Ruyck]‘s version, it is fairly complex. [Ruyck] has used a mini RC collective pitch helicopter assembly for the motion, which makes controlling it fairly intuitive. At first, we were not too impressed with [Ruyck]‘s final implementation, which you can see along with a comparison video of Keepon after the break. Then we realized, all he as to do is find a way to attach the bottom of the foam body to the base to achieve much more of the squash and stretch motion of keepon. A little creative programming and this little fellow could be made autonomous and synchronized to music.


  1. Sc00ter says:

    Nice, but not quite as cool as a real keepon. The bouncing and squishyness is what makes it.

    Doesn’t seem far off however :) Can’t wait for version 2

  2. Skitchin says:

    At least he used some better music for his video.

  3. shazzner says:

    I was hoping for a Quest for Glory IV reference. :(

  4. Andar_b says:

    But it’s not blue and transparent. :)

    I wonder if it multiplies by being stabbed by hapless adventurers?

  5. Ruyck says:

    Sweet made it on hackaday! Yea I had his body attached to the cover at one point. The squish greatly restricted his movement. As of the second video I have made some slight modifications to increase the motion. I will try to attatch him to the base again and see if I get some better results.

  6. Andar_b says:

    I finally remembered what that darn thing was called.


  7. Ruyck says:

    Version 2 is done! Now with more squish!

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