Replicating connectors by machining PVC

[Alex] bought a hang on tank filter for his aquarium. Unfortunately it was made for a different water level than he was using and didn’t have the ability to adjust that he needed. Add to that the non-standard pipe sizing which compounded the problem by making it difficult to extend the intake and output tubes. He overcame this by machining PVC pipe to match the stock connectors. After turning the PVC on a lathe he added a neoprene o-ring and painted the assembly black. The new connector allows standard size PVC fittings for easy changes in the future, and it keeps his turtles healthy and happy.

12 thoughts on “Replicating connectors by machining PVC

  1. Don’t forget to give that paint PLENTY of time to air out before you place it in a fish tank; those critters can be very sensitive to contamination.

    Nice work.

  2. Much cleaner than my solution which used tubing I stretched over the existing uptake and drop tubes to accomplish the same goal.

  3. I agree with both sides, It is extreamly well done, but not a hack

    a hack would have been something like a radiator hose and a ziptie with some duct tape, not so much custom machining a proper part, that would be “doing it right”

  4. Machining a part from something else= “not” that part is totally valid as a Hack. Using the combination of mental ability and mechanical skills to turn pipe into a fitting/connector may not be viewed as Hacking. But it actually *TOTALLY* captures the Hackerdom Ethos.

    Non-Hackers would never think of machining pipe into a fitting. Hackers simply do it. And in so doing, Hackerdom scores a point for it’s “Can-do things” mindset. Consider the divergence between buying a part or fabbing it as what this Pipe-into-fitting Hack totally WINS for.

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