Flaming Hot Brick Plays Games, Promotes Tendonitis

The continuing battle for smallest console-made-portable continues with this N64 portable hack. Unlike the last two that we saw, this version opts for an over-under rather than side-by-side control scheme. This results in a small overall size, but because this thing is a thick brick we wonder if playing for hours would just leave you horribly mangled and crippled from the elbow down. [Bentomo] may have thought the same thing because he also built a breakout connector to use the original controllers (and play with more than one player on that tiny screen). If you’re a slave to the build details like we are check out his build log and the video after the break.


[Thanks ShockSlayer]

13 thoughts on “Flaming Hot Brick Plays Games, Promotes Tendonitis

  1. It’s typically Mike with the sarcastic jabs, I don’t think he means anything by it other than an attempt at good-natured ribbing. However it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between joking sarcasm and real sarcasm in print.

  2. I certainly mean this in a kind-hearted way. It’s a great hack and my ribbing should not diminish that (or discourage hackers from sharing their work with us).

    Thanks for keeping me in line… I’ll watch the sarcasm moving forward.

  3. HaD is just getting ahead of their cynical readers.

    This would have awesome 15 years ago — now, it’s just kinda nerdy cool. The oversized look reminds me of the difference between an iPhone and a 1980’s Pulsar brick phone. While it does say “vintage” all over it, it also screams “boredom” in 5-10 minutes.

  4. can some one tell me why people make these? I’ve seen some consoles that are like blank and made to hold emulators, why would people need these? other then they cant rip the rom out them selves.

  5. Aw man, now I’m starting to regret buying a 1st-gen PSP.

    Take note, Sony, this is what consumers want from portable consoles: external monitor connectivity and same-console multiplayer. The only reason nobody asks for it yet is because no portables currently offer it.

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