Win at Hangman, gain entry

Do not put anything in this box that you will need in a rush. You’ll have to successfully guess the word in a game of hangman to gain entry. He’s using an Atmega328 as the brains of this project with a rotary dial and an LCD for input and display. If you win, the box is unlocked and you can open it up to get whatever is inside. There are links to various tutorials along the way to help with each step, including the Arduino source code he used to build it. We think he should bump it up a notch and have the box destroy the contents if you fail. Sounds like fun, right?


  1. Ryan Leach says:

    hangman on a lcd nice!

    but doing it to open a box?
    think you should have stopped at making a hand held hangman game.

  2. Ryan Leach says:

    also after reading page one of the instrucable (why the hell do they paginate it, don’t they make enough from advertising as it is?)
    whats the problem with psuedo-random for a project like this? as long as you seed it correctly it should be fine.

  3. John Boxall says:

    Perfect vessel for my credit card and chocolate stash! Nice work.

  4. alankilian says:

    @Ryan Leach:

    See that button that says:
    “View All Steps On One Page”?

    Click that.

    Signing up is free, and I’ve never gotten an
    unsolicited e-mail from them.

  5. Desssstruction says:

    a vile of Hydrochloric acid would do nicely to destroy the contents on failing to win!

  6. dan says:

    This would be an excellent place to put things that you should not have easy access to when drunk.

  7. Someone says:
  8. alankilian says:


    Oh, I guess I must have spent the price of
    an Arduino to avoid the hassle of the pages.

    Sorry about that.

  9. osgeld says:

    about the free vs pro, I have no idea whats going on there, I can view all steps on 1 page with my free account

    ALSO its not instructables that splits up the projects, its the authors, you can put it on 1 page if you want, most feel that it then becomes a big large clusterFK like most project pages (minus the 85 page changelog on top before you can figure out what the hell your looking at)

    Personally I cant stand it when people cant orginize their project writeup, if the best you can do is a 110 page solid block of text (most often without even saying what the hell were looking at) then I am not going to waste my time with it

  10. Ronald says:

    How the *bleeep* do you develop something like that ? does he have a string of ‘m all locked down with a programming error inside ? I would have…
    that is “bricked” for you !

  11. jjrh says:

    @dan: How about a breathalyzer chest, where it only opens if your sober – or even better, only opens when your plastered.

  12. andar_b says:

    Evil = Beer fridge that locks itself if you get too drunk.

  13. kristian says:

    hahaha @jrrh: you could call it “dionysus’s box” :P

  14. Dan Ford says:

    the problem with the pseudo-random function is that the wordlist consists of the 42 hardest words to win at in hangman, it’s meant to be a challenge, basically my version of a puzzle box. It would be too easy to guess a word that came up every other time you played. Thus the need for true random.

  15. uzerzero says:

    Reminds me of the codex in the Da Vinci Code. Except you don’t guesses there.

    Guess it wouldn’t be okay to put the offices AED in this. Or fire extinguisher. Maybe everybody’s staplers or calculators though.

  16. Ryan Leach says:

    @osgeld i agree on that front as well, just paginating for no good reason annoys me, all thats needed is some white space.

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