Android on iPhone: New treats

It seems that the iPhone 2g and 3g are the newest phones to get Android 2.2, codenamed Froyo. The process for installing Froyo if you have a jailbroken device seems to get even easier every time, with this revision being as simple as adding a repository, downloading Froyo, and pressing go. Follow the link for a wonderful step by step guide, complete with screenshots to take out all of the guess work. Android on iPhone sure has come a long way since the first time we covered it.

[via reddit]


  1. Mi6 says:

    Good news, but considering the price and ep!c ghayness related to the manufacturer one could just run down the street and get a brand new huge screen Dell Streak or HTC even?

  2. Sitwon says:

    I’m a little unclear on this…

    WHY would you buy an iPhone if you want to run Android? What is the motivation for doing this? What benefit do you get from running Android on an iPhone versus running Android any one of the many many phones that already come with Android?

  3. Nick says:

    I have an iphone 3g just collecting dust in my desk drawer. Do you really need to ask why someone would pick that over buying a new phone (and starting a new contract)?

  4. Kevin says:

    Did anybody else just get a notification about a “Test Post” hack? What’s going on?

    More info – From my inbox:
    Post : test post
    URL :
    Posted : November 9, 2010 at 11:33 am
    Author : christopernelson
    Categories : news


    Add a comment to this post:

    I’m guessing that this message came from a breadboard somewhere….

  5. Maxzillian says:

    Just a hunch guys, but maybe the appeal is to people who already have an iPhone and would like to use Android?

    I know I know, that’s too simple. The answer must be far more complicated.

  6. Luke says:

    The point isn’t to buy an outdated iPhone and run Android. The point is to use an old iPhone that you already have with Android. If you don’t have an old iPhone then move on.

  7. sp00nix says:

    Th point is, i got a 1st gen for free. Now i’m making it useful. Installing it as we speak. Sad tho, It’s 2.2 and my Aria is still 2.1

  8. Andrew says:

    How is the hardware support on this? Does it actually work well as a phone? If so, I’d be very tempted to try it

  9. sp00nix says:

    Damn, no touch input for some reason

  10. Anonymous says:

    Two questions:

    1. Will this work on the iPod Touch? I’ve been looking for an Android PDA to replace my aging Dell Axim x30 because I don’t need (read: can’t afford the data plan for) a smartphone, and don’t want to pay $500 for an unlocked Android device.

    2. Will the iDevice be able to dual boot Android and iOS, or is the stock OS completely overwritten?

  11. PeachPit says:


    Did you seriously just ask WHY someone hacked something?

  12. Sitwon says:

    I’m not asking why someone hacked something. I just don’t get the motivation behind buying an iPhone for the purpose of running Android when there are already plenty of good Android phones and devices on the market.

    It’s like buying a Tesla Roadster so you can put a gasoline engine in it.

    I’m not saying the an iPhone is a marvel of engineering like a Tesla is. I’m just saying it’s economically questionable to spend all that money just to turn it into something already (comparatively) cheaply and commonly available.

    Not to mention, Android was explicitly designed to be portable to a wide variety of hardware platforms. It would be a greater achievement to see someone running iOS on Android hardware since iOS _wasn’t_ intended for that kind of flexibility.

    Furthermore, a lot of “hackers” seem to prefer Android to iOS for ideological reasons, but by buying and using Apple hardware you are supporting the proponents of competing ideology. It’s like donating money to the political party you disagree with during an election year.

  13. Daniel says:

    1. iPod touch support is limited, IIRC only 1st gen is supported.
    2. Yes, you can dual boot iOS and iDroid.

  14. YaBa says:

    1 – Buy? maybe people already have them and want another OS instead of the crappy iOS.
    2 – just for fun ?
    3- Developers? hello… develop for both OSes and try on the same machine instead of having 2 phones.
    4 – Games/apps, having the beloved apps/games without having 2 phones.
    5 … duh… so many reasons to make this…

  15. Sitwon says:

    1- A potentially valid reason, but if you think iOS is crappy, why did you buy an iPhone. Or why did you keep it? You could have sold it for more than enough to buy an Android phone.
    2- That’s a cop-out that is overused by people who don’t want to justify their reasoning. It doesn’t answer the basic question. What makes it fun?
    3- That seems like a stretch. You’re testing on hardware that is dissimilar to anything your users would be likely to have. Why not just use the emulator in the ADK? It’s actually pretty good.
    4- That’s so full of compromises, it’s worse than Linux users who dual-boot to play Windows games. Talk about not being able to multi-task…
    5- Now you’re just padding to make your list longer. Apparently you lacked the creativity to come up with a fifth reason so instead you’re giving me a meta reason that just refers to the hypothetical existence of other reasons which you were unable to enumerated.

  16. YaBa says:

    5th reason… myself… buying one because i really like the hardware design, but hate the iOS. So now I have a reason to buy it instead of buying some kind of HTC or something, they’re fckg ugly.

  17. ???? says:

    quit arguing please. people hack because they can and they will. I for one like to see things on other things that aren’t mean to be there. Especially with such a closed os and tight hardware specifications making this project suck from the beginning. I want to see this project get a full port to my HD2!

  18. Dreamcaster says:

    Settle down. Arguing on the internet gets you nowhere. You had a different view on what the post was getting at and someone questioned you on it. Arguing ruins credibility. Let is slide and relax. You disagreed with the post, so no need to post.

  19. gottabethatguy says:

    I hereby nominate sitwon for douche of the year.

    Three cheers for sitwon.

  20. Sitwon says:

    lol, the iPhone isn’t what I’d consider beautiful but I guess that’s a reason I can’t argue with.

  21. ChipKreep says:


    Sorry, its already been made. You can hold your breath and stomp your feet as long as you want but there will still be android on iphone… and people will use it, even if its just to go “Hey look at my iphone running android.”

  22. Wouter says:


  23. YaBa says:

    Well said!
    Buying IM-ME (girls toy) and make a spectrum analyzer out of it is just… awesome :)

  24. Gosh says:

    @gottabethat guy: Seconded.

  25. Simon Jester says:

    Wow! It’s like a lobotomy for your iPhone!

  26. Anonymous says:

    A lobotomy? You aren’t seriously suggesting that Apple software is anything other than terrible, are you?

  27. aEx155 says:

    I wonder when they’ll get support for newer ipod touch generations…

  28. m1ndtr1p says:


    Because they can… I don’t think you understand hackers’ mentality, they do it because they can, because it’s a challenge, because they enjoy fiddling with and /gasp HACKING hardware and software.

    Why does one need a reason to do what they do? Why do you sit here and comment on something you clearly don’t understand? This is a hacking website/blog, if you’re not a hacker, you’ll probably never get why we do what we do…

  29. Gecko says:

    Sweet =)
    works like a charm on my iPhone. But it is a bit too slow to really, really use it.

  30. Flood_of_SYNs says:

    I have an iPhone 3G on a AT&T contract, and if Android works at least close to the usability of iOS then I would be very tempted to install it, it is hard to find a decent form-factor Android phone that works on AT&T’s 3G network.
    If AT&T had a nice Android based phone that I liked then I would have got that instead of my iPhone.
    BTW, I am running a jailbroken 4.1 iOS atm.

  31. therian says:

    I dont want Apple people anywhere near Android, they will flood app Market with farts making apps and other rubbish

  32. Yep, it’s a little bit slow. I also meet the problem with touch input.

  33. therian says:

    Dont forget that Apple people committed treason and betrayed open source community, show no mercy to them, the only way they can redeem themselves is by self sterilization

  34. Dids says:

    What’s the news on the 3GS side though, saw no mentions of that anywhere?
    I guess that hardware’s changed so much that they need to whip up new drivers. *sigh*

  35. iPhone Hacks says:

    now that’s a real treat. i’m going to try that one when I get home..does it work on the 3GS???

  36. ferdi says:

    when you buy apple produckts you sea pleas steal my mony all apple produts are overprizt
    yes the products look good bud the prise its not out off this world
    i love this clip from the nieuwe series off the simpsons where bart tract a (M)apple store
    i think its troughe not the pee part

  37. Sitwon says:

    There are some hacks that are clever and intriguing like the IM-ME stuff.

    There are other hacks where I can believe it was done for the challenge like the propeller and machine gun timing.

    There are a few hacks that basically amount to mental masturbation for geeks. (Hey look, we made a Turing machine out of ants!)

    And then every once in a while I see a “hack” like this that just doesn’t seem to have a point. It seems counter-intuitive to me that people would would *want* Android on an iPhone.

    It’s as counter-intuitive as buying an unlocked phone and then “hacking” it to only work with a particular network. Why would you want to do that? If you wanted a locked phone, why go to the extra trouble of getting an unlocked one to begin with?

    But sometimes appearances are deceiving. Sometimes developers/engineers have sound reasoning for making counter-intuitive decisions. When I asked the question I originally thought someone might enlighten me on some unique benefit of the iPhone hardware (other than aesthetics) that I hadn’t considered. But instead you were all hypersensitive and just assumed I was attacking the hacker community or hacker ethic or whatever.

    Also, something a lot of you seem to ignore is that people ALWAYS have a motivation for doing something. They might not say it, or even be conscious of it at the time, but there it’s there. When people say they did something “for fun”, it’s relevant to ask what was fun about it. “Because they can” is also a bullshit response. They “could” have done a lot of other things as well, but something made them choose to do this instead (and based on the time and energy involved it had to be a conscious choice). It is NOT unfair or irrelevant to explore the reasoning or motivation behind a project. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

  38. gottabethatguy says:

    Hip hip hooray!

  39. thedtm says:

    You ask why? Such an easy question that no one has answered…
    I did this yesterday to an extra 3g I had, before the guide was posted. (I’ve known about the hack for some time) I just wanted to try out android. Also, there is a way to hack your PS3 with a iphone 2g/3g running iopenboot (the original hack to install android is the same, this install through cydia finaly made it super easy, to bad I can’t install the ps3 hack this way, much more complex). Later, I’ll dust off my ps3 and figure out how to install the ps3 hack and I’ll get supernes on my big screen.

  40. Mr. Fun says:


    Sorry we aren’t all autists who have to logically justify fun. Beep beep boop boop why are you on a blog instead of doing something logically better such as working? Fun? What makes it fun? Beep boop

  41. Dombeef says:

    Hip hip horay!!
    This honestly is a great build. They must get some respect for
    Just doing it first.

  42. unknown says:

    anybody know about similar like iphone. the hardware is iphone but the whole software not iphone..

  43. Clayton says:

    Depending on what “apps” are availible, this sounds like a great way to referb an older iphone. Has anybody else tried this? I have been looking for something other than the walkthru to see if people have had any problems, suggestions, regrets etc.

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