Five Free Evalbots

If you’re a member of a hackerspace and you’ve been hoping and wishing for an evalbot to tear apart with your bare hands, you’re in luck! [Dave Bullock] is giving out five evalbots to five lucky hackers chosen at random. We thought that the $125.00 deal we saw the other day was good but this is right outta town!

The draw is on Black Friday, so you’ve got a few days to submit your details. We’ve only had a few posts about the evalbot to-date covering the initial examination of the hardware and a USB power modification. We’re interested in seeing where people take this, and we’d love to follow how each of these free ‘bots turns out. For those already working on an evalbot, keep it up and take lots of pictures!

[Photo credit: Dave Bullock from eecue]


  1. polossatik says:

    Nice, aldo it’s US only (micht want to stress that) , i’ll want to see what the hackerspaces come up with.

  2. mowcius says:

    US only… grrrzzzz

  3. Dave Bullock says:

    If you’re willing to pay for shipping, I’ll ship worldwide.

  4. Japala says:

    Still haven’t got the one that I ordered :(

  5. therian says:

    I thought non US extincted after WW2

  6. Necromant says:

    I’m still waiting for mine from ti

  7. Dave Bullock says:

    I have the 5 evalbots sitting at my place, so no worries about waiting for backorders. =]

  8. Gene says:

    Every time I see “evalbot” I read “evilbot” and get all excited, only to realize the mistake and get disappointed. Evalbots are cool and all, but just doesn’t have the cache of evilbots.

  9. Eric says:

    Just called TI. I ordered one when they were $25 and still haven’t got it. Turns out they’re backordered ’til late december.

  10. DanAdamKOF says:

    I get their intent but I wish it wasn’t hackerspace-only, I and a few other geeks here at UT Dallas could probably think of some cool things to do, for good and not for “eval” ;)

  11. Does someone have a good tutorial on how to program one of these things.

    I got one, and tried the IVR stuff, but I was hoping for a longer term solution.

  12. Spork says:

    I spoke with my TI Rep today, she said they’ll be shipping some of the backordered eval bots in December.

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