Thanks For Hacking

Hope you’re all having a great Thanksgiving weekend, and are getting your fill of family, food, and maybe even a little bit of fun. Aside from the cranberries, Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays because of the spirit behind it – thinking about what’s gone well, how you lucked out, and who has done you right over the year.

One of the most poignant expressions of thanks I’ve heard in a while came from Hackaday superfriend [Sprite_tm] in his Supercon talk this year, which he closed by thanking “you all” for pushing him on to keep making crazy projects. “I would never finish these projects without people who would be entertained by seeing all this. This is is effectively art – something that doesn’t make sense. The only way it makes sense is because I want it to exist, and because I know that you all love hearing and reading about stuff like this existing. So thank you very much for that.”

That same sentiment goes for all of us here at Hackaday: Thank you all very much for reading! Without this global community of crazy hackers to write for, we wouldn’t be able to keep doing what we do – it just wouldn’t make sense. And without your hacks, of course, we’d have nothing to write about.

Thanks for sharing, thanks for following along, thanks for inspiring us and for being inspired. Thanks for hacking.

Turkey fryer

Why Deep Frying Turkey Can Go Very Wrong

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that means Americans across the United States will be cooking up a turkey feast. One of the most popular ways to cook the bird is by deep frying it in oil.

Local TV stations everywhere spend this week warning about turkey frying. They’re not wrong… if things get out of hand you can end up burning down your house, if not your entire street. Let’s talk the science behind November turkey fires, and hopefully avoid a turkeyferno.

Simple Errors

The typical setup for deep frying a turkey involves lowering the bird into a big pot full of oil sitting on a gas burner. Ropes and pulleys are often used to lower the turkey into the pot to avoid getting one’s hands near the hot oil. Ideally, this should be done in a backyard, away from structures, to provide good ventilation and plenty of room in the case something does go wrong.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Quadcopter Shenanigans

The challenge: can you build a flying turkey that drops pumpkin pie bombs? That’s the question that Utah Aerials asked themselves and they did manage to make it happen. Of course they’re not starting from scratch, but adding a little holiday cheer to an existing quadcopter in the form of a spray painted turkey fuselage. The cheapest pumpkin pie they could find was hung from the copter with care, and dumped thanks to a servo motor. Check the video after the break to see if they were able to hit their balding-bullseye or not.

Seems like the wicked witch music should have been the background for that video.

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Thanksgiving With Thermite

For those in the states, Happy Thanksgiving. Whether or not you celebrate the traditional holiday, you might still want to take a moment to think of what you are thankful for. We are thankful for our readers, who drive us to keep posting projects and challenge us to improve our skills. The Hackers, who supply us projects to write about, both simple and complicated. We are thankful for our bosses, who employ us to do this awesome stuff and only beat us occasionally. And we are thankful for thermite, which burns oh so bright and looks oh so pretty.

Join us after the break to see a turkey, roasted with thermite in slow motion.

[via Neatorama]

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Five Free Evalbots

If you’re a member of a hackerspace and you’ve been hoping and wishing for an evalbot to tear apart with your bare hands, you’re in luck! [Dave Bullock] is giving out five evalbots to five lucky hackers chosen at random. We thought that the $125.00 deal we saw the other day was good but this is right outta town!

The draw is on Black Friday, so you’ve got a few days to submit your details. We’ve only had a few posts about the evalbot to-date covering the initial examination of the hardware and a USB power modification. We’re interested in seeing where people take this, and we’d love to follow how each of these free ‘bots turns out. For those already working on an evalbot, keep it up and take lots of pictures!

[Photo credit: Dave Bullock from eecue]

Hacky Thanksgiving


Friends, pilgrims, send us your hacks. Most especially, your Thanksgiving hacks. We had a wonderful time over the past six weeks collecting and highlighting your Halloween props and now it’s on to the next holiday. Did you build your own deep fried turkey rig with some special features? How about that pie making robot you built for last year’s celebration?  Can’t live without your twittering cornucopia? Document it and send it to our tip line! All Thanksgiving themed hacks will be considered but only the well documented and creative entries will be featured.

If you just joined us, here’s a roundup of the Halloween Props we encountered this year:

disclaimer: boiling oil is dangerous, that’s why it used to be used for torture. Always consider your own safety!

[Turkey photo source]