Official Hackaday forums

Yes, finally, we have a forum. We get regular requests, both in the comments and in our email for a hackaday forum.  We put it in operation a few days ago and started letting people trickle in and it hasn’t completely blown up in our faces. Please join us there and help build our community. Also, notice there is a button for it over on the right column now.

Some items of interest or common answers to common questions:

  • No illegal activities allowed. Yes, we have the word “hack” in our name. That does not mean that we will hack a website for you. (we get that request weekly).
  • Keep it moderately clean. Sure you can cuss, this isn’t a kids site, but no pronography/gore please.
  • No personal threats.
  • There will be google ads. We are trying really hard to balance the business with the fun, so bear with us. So far, they aren’t in the way. We have no plans on going overboard.
  • This will be readable without a login. You must register to post.
  • We’re working out the kinks. Please report any problems to caleb@

That’s it, enjoy and be civil.


  1. Phil says:

    Super :). Thanks for the Forum. Waited long for it.

  2. java says:

    about time lol

  3. japkin says:

    “Please report any problems to caleb@”

    Would that be caleb@——.com?
    -edit- I’d rather not post in entirety here to avoid mass spam influxes -caleb

  4. Anthony C says:

    Elcellent. Glad it is up and running and am signing up now. Been waiting a long time for this and feel a Hack a Day forum will be very successful.

  5. osgeld says:

    no japlin its

  6. notmyfault2000 says:

    Eww phpBB. Should’ve gone with MyBB…

  7. smoker_dave says:

    Let the trolling commence…

  8. osgeld says:

    eww MyBB, ok I am not the biggest fan of phpBB but myBB? really? its written by a 12 year old, has bad support, squat themes or extensions, incompatible with anything else, and the last forum I had the pleasure dealing with it would corrupt its own database twice a month like clockwork

  9. CutThroughStuffGuy says:

    Why no NSFW content? People hack those things too.

  10. anon says:


  11. strider_mt2k says:

    Not “A” hack -(potentially) tons of them!

    Not the first time I said thank you for making the forums, and probably not the last.


  12. biozz says:

    FINALLY a place to draw the trolls away from the main HaD pages!

  13. CutThroughStuffGuy says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of slashdong content…. teledildonics. Bluetooth or arduino powered “toys”. Nothing explicit and still quite interesting but still probably fairly prefaced with a NSFW tag just to give people a heads up.

  14. CutThroughStuffGuy says:

    Kinda gives new meaning to the term “hard hacks” though. *grin*

  15. says:

    I have no idea what 75% of the post are on about… as an enthuiastic and ambitious dilettante this is hog heaven.
    Life is about to get waaaay more interesting – hello steep learning curve…

  16. Frogz says:

    guess i cant post my steam powered dildo…

  17. bluewraith says:


    Not sure if your serious or not, but one was posted on HAD before.

  18. CutThroughStuffGuy says:

    Yes it was. It was also quite hot. Literally :)

  19. xm says:

    The registration captcha has me pretty stumped =\
    “What is the greatest site in the world? (”

  20. error404 says:

    Mixed case and alphanumeric passwords required for a forum? Really?

    Well, alright…

  21. matyvico says:

    It is the cherry of the cake xD congrats!

  22. foo says:

    >We’re working out the kinks
    does comment that relate to the no pron rule?

  23. Jay Frossard says:

    Aee em fim um fórum !!! Thanks

  24. keilah says:

    can’t register..
    hat is the greatest site in the world? (
    hackaday is not the answer?

  25. Monroe Hlastala says:

    Thanks for good info :)

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