The wandering Arduinobot

You almost have to love this Arduino based robot just because of the wheels and third leg support. Look closely, do you recognize them? Yep, they’re Capsela parts! That’s a blast from the past and we wonder why we don’t see the strange building toys of yore used in more hacks?

But we digress, this little bugger guy uses continuous rotation servos for locomotion. Perched atop the body is a third servo which scans an IR range finder back and forth to look out for obstacles in its path. The body itself is a Black and Decker rechargeable battery pack called Pocket Power which includes a USB port for a regulated 5V supply. One thing’s for sure, this little guy is fantastic at avoiding pizza and beer… you’ll just have to see for yourself after the break.


  1. Andy7 says:

    OMG! Capsela was awesome – I wonder where all mine went.

  2. Velkro Smaak says:


    Would like to say, what a tuuune!

    Bot’s OK.

  3. patman2700 says:

    Awesome ‘bot! But Miller Lite?!? Really?

  4. holly_smoke says:

    Do you know what the word “bugger” actually means?!

    Hint – Type “Define: bugger” into Google.

  5. Jim says:

    ‘Someone viewed with affection’ and ‘A rough synonym for whippersnapper’ are listed, so probably good enough to let it go! Let’s not get too ‘PC’ unless it is of the computer kind being hacked…

  6. +1 for Capsela! I had those as a kid and used them well.

  7. holly_smoke says:

    Jim, I am not sure if those two “slang” uses you have quoted appear in the Oxford English Dictionary definition…

  8. NatureTM says:

    Capsela! I had a bunch as a kid, and I asked my mom where they were just a couple months ago. She gave them away! At least I can hope some kid somewhere is learning something. I still got my old erector set!

  9. Jordan says:

    I still have some capsela in a box somewhere. i used some of it to make a crude ball mill among other things.
    and that black and decker power pack has been a life saver as well.
    awesome :D

  10. fotoflojoe says:

    Yeah, I avoid Miller Lite too.

  11. Holy crap! Capsela for life! i made so many ridiculous contraptions with that kit.

  12. wishafish says:

    Man, I haven’t seen Capsela parts in ages. A family friend scored two boxes for me at a garage sale when I was a kid, what a great $10. Capsela gave me an introduction to those gearing systems — what a great toy. Wish I still had it for my kids to play with too.

  13. brad says:

    oh wow, haven’t seen capsela for a long time! i used to have the voice control module… high class!!

    any project that uses old capsela parts is automatically top notch!

  14. mike says:


  15. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Anyone who gets bent out of shape over the use of bugger in that fashion is a class A douchetard. Seriously, even the British verb form isn’t really offensive at all.

  16. Erik Johnson says:

    I saw that yellow floater and had to come in just to say I LOVE CAPSELA

    Also, does anyone know where to find those IR sensors for cheap? I’ve used them before, need more…

  17. Rudolph says:

    @Erik Johnson (and everyone, for that matter)
    If you find em, get em while you can. Sharp has discontinued the line.

  18. WeAreMany says:

    Capsela, You captured my childhood

  19. dmo says:

    Sorry, I have never heard of Capsela before. What years where these sold in? Were they expensive?

  20. MrTaco says:

    Another posting for Capsela. I remember poring over the catalogue thing, looking at all the parts I didn’t have but wish I did…

  21. anti-fanboi says:

    Correction: “capcella robot”

  22. strider_mt2k says:

    I also purchased a couple of those Black & Decker power things and I think we can all agree that the outer case is the most useful parts of those utter pieces of crap.


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