Ski Pole Persistence Of Vision

[Powder4u] wanted to make a persistence of vision display for his bicycle but with 50 cm of snow on the ground it’s hard to get out and ride right now. Instead he made this persistence of vision ski-pole accessory. We asked him to share some details and he obliged. It’s made using an Arduino compatible ATmega168, LEDs with resistors, and installed on some protoboard. The enclosure is a clear pencil case, which isn’t water tight but he’s tried to bolster that with some creative scotch tape placement. There’s no sensor to detect which direction the board is moving in so displaying alpha-numeric messages will have some issues, but as you can see he managed to display image data without issue.

We’re used to night skiing with floodlights along the slopes. This would be a fun little thing to have along with you on those dark lift rides.

6 thoughts on “Ski Pole Persistence Of Vision

  1. @Stevie: Hurr Durr, look at me, I can’t think of anything to say so I call fake.

    Seriously boy, such an easy ting to make but such a nice idea. How/why could it be fake? Oh I know, because you can’t do anything of your own so you have a go at other’s work.

    Good boy, carry on.

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