Musical Tesla concert is electrifying


Hackaday reader [Tyler Laseter] wrote in to tell us about an event that he and his fellow Tesla Orchestra team members are hosting next month.

The “Open Spark Project” is a concert event taking place on May 14th, which melds together electricity and music in spectacular fashion. The event features two large Tesla coils which are tuned to play musical notes while shooting bolts of electricity through the air.

Musical Tesla coils are nothing new around here, but we have yet to see someone allow the general public to play music on their coils. That’s what makes this event unique – anyone is encouraged to submit their to the Tesla Orchestra team, which will then be played back via a live video stream next month. Their web site offers up all of the technical details as well as the file format requirements for submitting music for the event, so get started on your entry today!

If a passive approach is more your style, stick around for a quick video demonstrating their coils’ abilities. Sure it’s Lady Gaga, but we won’t tell anyone you watched it. Plus, it’s totally legit when the song is being played using 20,000 volts.


  1. ferdie says:

    wow thats cool
    but why lady gaga i hate this song
    hear it to meny times

  2. Here are two more videos:

  3. flashingleds says:

    I think once I finally get around to making one of these, I will be able to die at any point after that and not feel like my life was in any way incomplete.

  4. Maxwell Smart says:

    Lady Gaga???

    The title is totally misleading…

  5. UltimateJim says:

    Couldn’t have picked a better song…?
    Twisted Transistor comes to mind…

    Damn cool nonetheless..

  6. Magnet18 says:

    I loved watching the moth get zapped at 2:40

  7. eeplebert says:

    where does this happen? west coast? california? the website seems to make it an exclusively online phenomena.

  8. Ian Charnas says:

    We’re really looking forward to playing as many songs as possible, please share the link on facebook –

  9. tooth says:

    the awesome meter died just for the song selection. so i had put it on mute and waited for the moth magnet18 talked about. there was a lot of them

  10. woutervddn says:

    Hmmm.. I really should modify my tesla coil.. It’s just lying on the attic because of the limited use :p

  11. Fallen says:

    Anyone else want to try to make an essentially very high voltage plasma tweeter? If the TC is switched fast enough(I’m thinking solid state, I don’t think a spark gap will get us there) we could modulate it with the audio, the same way plasma tweeters are.


  12. ferdie says:

    try the doctor who theam song to play on it

  13. Gppk says:

    Anyone else thinking darude – sandstorm?

  14. Mike Nathan says:

    @ferdie, you mean something like this?

  15. svl7 says:

    Favorite Tesla clip:

  16. sn0b0ardr says:

    I had no idea Greek god’s sat on Masonic thrones… Fascinating!

  17. Risen says:

    But won’t tesla coils in a closed off space produce dangerous amounts of ozone?

  18. Ian Charnas says:

    @Risen – yes you’re right! We have multiple 4-foot ceiling vents with blower fans to vent the ozone. Because it’s lighter than air, it should rise up and help seal that hole in the ozone layer ;-)

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