Tiny OLED o-scope fits on a breadboard

With a surplus of 3D printers at this year’s Maker Faire, it’s really surprising to see the most talked about tool among the makers is a simple oscilloscope.

[Gabriel Anzziani]‘s Xprotolab is an extremely small oscilloscope, function generator, logic analyzer, and general 128×64 OLED display is the perfect addition to your next prototyping project. With its breadboard friendly format and USB output, it will dutifully serve as a 200kbps oscilloscope, 8 channel logic analyzer, or as seen in the video above, the perfect interface for a Wii Nunchuck or just a simple digital Etch-a-sketch.

In the video above the fold [Gabriel] shows off the functions of his tiny, if somewhat limited, OLED oscilloscope.


  1. Zee says:

    Good thing. If this was half price I would even permanently include it in some projects.

  2. sdevvoodoo says:

    Definitely seen this posted here before.

  3. Bogdan says:

    …..erm…. “200kbps oscilloscope” ?????

  4. Not an issue, just use a frequency
    divider based on a superhet.
    This is how they used to do >2G
    on an old style ‘scope, back in
    the old Tektronix days :-)
    That and using tunnel diodes helped.

  5. Coda says:

    Nice. I would like to find out where I can buy these screens. I think I will pair one up to a stellaris when it comes and make my own ‘scope.
    BTW – when you are interviewing in a noisy environment, it would be really useful if you can give the presenter a mic (clip-on, handheld, whatever). The background noise makes it really difficult to catch what’s being said.

  6. messmaker says:

    I saw these at the mini make faire in Orlando. I should have picked one up, but for some reason i didn’t. Maybe next year…

    Pretty neat little gadget.

  7. SpydaMonky says:

    Wow, They are double the price from my local distributor (Mantech Electronics). I Would buy one other wise!

  8. dizot says:

    I just found out about these recently. They’re cool. He’s using an ATXMega in them…very nice work.

    I’ve been developing an even smaller development platform using a 128×32 OLED display…I’ve got a little more work to do, but I’m hoping to have some ready for the world soon. [The video is pretty bad...just put it together for a friend of mine].

  9. bigbob says:

    “a 200kbps oscilloscope”

    Really? Can you at least pretend to have read the article and/or understand oscilloscope specs?

    The scope and logic analyzer are 2MSPS and the scope is 200kHz analog bandwidth. The function generator is 1MSPS and 44.1kHz bandwidth.

  10. Kompteck says:

    Completely useless!

  11. Squinting Mightily says:

    At last! Now I can get rid of my Tek 500 series scopes – all six of them.

  12. Edgarvice says:

    This was by far the worst camera man on earth.

  13. Thanks hack a day for the article!
    For people interested, I have started a Kickstarter project to design a portable version of the Xprotolab.

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