Hackaday AMA happening right now at Reddit.

Our AMA is live right now.  Come ask us questions. You can ask here in our comments too, but frankly the Reddit system is better for at length nested discussion.

Items to be discussed:

-how to submit your story to hackaday

-our new template coming soon


  1. JeeCee says:

    To lazy to make an account on Reddit, but I would like to thank Hack A Day and all writers/contributers/hackers/commenters for the best place on the Internet! :)

  2. n0lkk says:

    I’m curious, why wasn’t the decision to use hackaday’s own forums, to create a forum? Although I never understood the appeal of Reddit in general I did create an account using a pseudonym as Reddit us not the sort of place I’d use a real ID, unless I created 2 Reddit accounts

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