Halloween Props: Spooky eyes light up the bushes

This is just one example of several pairs of spooky eyes which light up [Vato Supreme's] bushes this Halloween. The quick and inexpensive build process make it a perfect diy decoration.

Each eye is made up of a ping-pong ball and an LED. But that alone won’t be very spook as the entire ball will glow rather brightly. So he spiced things up a bit by masking off the shape of a pupil and spraying the balls black. The vertical slit seen in white above will glow red like a demon in the night.

The LEDs are driven by an ATtiny85 running the Arduino bootloader. [Vato] found there was plenty of space two write code which fades the eyes in and out using PWM. This happens at random intervals for each of the four pairs he is driving.

We’ve seen a similar project that used oversized LEDs as the eyes. But we really like the idea of using a diffuser like this one. See it in action after the break.


  1. joe says:

    “… space two write code …”

    Come on HAD editors, now you’re just fucking with us. You can’t seriously be that inept in the writing skills department…

  2. James says:

    Should have had a proximity sensor of some sort, so when you walk along, different pairs of eyes light up to follow you.

  3. Bob Spafford says:

    To do this easily, interface Arduino to GE xmas lights ( http://www.deepdarc.com/2010/11/27/hacking-christmas-lights/) and just put pairs of them in the bushes like my kid did ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGjCoO0ozzA&feature=relmfu ). The chompers in the background are the same GE lights sold as ice cycles. After a few chomps, they slowly turn red (blood).

  4. Bob Spafford says:

    Oh yeah, If you own an Eggbot, detailed eyes would also be pretty easy. I think that the stock GE xmas lights look OK as is.

  5. Bob Spafford says:

    Oops! You need icicles instead of ice cycles, which are difficult to ride.

  6. Bluebie says:

    The ATtiny85 is not running the Arduino Bootloader and cannot – ATtiny85 does not have hardware bootloader support and is incompatible with bootloaders which aren’t specifically designed for attiny chips.

    This project uses a full size arduino as an ISP programmer.

  7. wowme@wtf.com says:

    props for spraying his balls black!

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