Building Pong for an 8-pin micro


For playing around with video signals and trying to create a an interesting microcontroller project, you can’t do better than the classic Pong. We’ve seen our share of microcontroller-based pong builds, but rarely have we seen an 8-pin microcontroller recreate every part of the first video game.

[Tim] started his PIC12F1840-based Pong build with just a few buttons for controls and a video output. This in itself is somewhat of an achievement, as [Tim] used all the data memory and every GPIO pin on this small microcontroller.

He had time to optimize his build and ended up adding the bleeps and bloops of the original Pong to his build. He’s got an interesting design on his hands, and also what is probably the smallest Pong clone in existence.


  1. AnotherHowie (@AnotherHowie) says:

    Cool project! Video output on low-power hardware is interesting stuff.

    But Pong isn’t the first video game by pretty much any standard. It’s not even Atari’s first.

  2. Bertho says:

    Really cool hack. The sheer fact that you can have the complete game in one tiny relatively modern microcontroller is amazing.

  3. lloyd says:

    Amazing! I’ve always wanted to know how to generate a video signal with a PIC.

  4. lloyd says:

    Does anyone have a link for the source for this? The guys web page dosent seem to have any links to it. Not that I can see anyway.

  5. John U says:

    Now *this* is some proper work. Never mind using two arduinos to flash an LED or 3 different operating systems to open your garage door, this man is doing it as it should be done and should be hailed as a hero.

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