STL Fun: Converting Images To STL Geometry

stl image conversion

There’s been some good .STL manipulation tips in this week.

The first one is called stl_tools, and it’s a Python library to convert images or text to 3D-printable STL files. The examples shown are quite impressive, and it even does a top notch job of taking a 2D company logo into 3D! We can see this being quite handy if you need some quick 3D text, and either don’t use CAD, or really just need a one click solution. Now if only .STLs were easier to edit afterwards…

The second one is a Javascript based Leap Motion Controller STL manipulator, which lets you pick STLs and manipulate them individually with your fingers. If you happen to have a Leap, this could be a great way to show off 3D parts at a presentation or hackerspace talk, especially if you want to add a [Tony Stark] vibe to your presentation! Stick around after the break to see it in action — Now all we need are some good hologram generators…


  1. birdmun says:

    A page I found while trying to convert a 2d image to 3d was
    I found it because I couldn’t quite get png23d to work for me. After reading their page I was able to get the output I was after.

  2. Follow the money says:

    Lena – November 1972 Playboy centerfold

  3. gav says:

    no no no this does the same crappy job as every other tool. ie artcam vectric etc etc.

  4. Zsurf does the same job but exports 3d NURBS surfaces (.igs files) that you can easily import and tinker with in your CAD program.
    I highly recommend!

  5. Dan Morgan says:

    I’ve been using to convert my images to STL. Its online, its free, and its good enough for what I want.

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