Indio Picaro Doll Mixes Drinks…


Ever heard of the Indio Picaro doll? They are those kinda weird phallic statues, and they also happen to be a national joke in Chile. So hackers [Nathan] and [Pablo] decided to make use of its popularity for a hilarious drink serving robot (Translated) at this past weekends Santiago Mini Maker Faire.

Dubbed the PissCO, the bartending robot(s?) make use of eight Bartendro drink pumps, which is a system that was successfully funded on Kickstarter at the beginning of the year. Add some servos to make the little statues dance and swing around their… Anyway the whole system is probably one of the most unique cocktail mixing robots we’ve seen yet.

After all, who doesn’t want a drink served from a stainless steel basin that looks vaguely like a urinal?

Stick around after the break to uh, see it in action.

We think our favorite barbot is still the Inebriator though…

[via Makezine]


  1. Guy walks into bar and says to the bartender, “Have them piss me a drink.”

  2. kennedybushnell says:

    Guy walks into a bar and says to the bartender, “Have them piss me a drink.”

  3. Tim says:

    They are wasting a lot of liquor there, maybe they should sit to pee.

  4. Camilo Navarro says:

    Chilean way… que orgullo wn XD

  5. supershwa says:

    LOL they even shake when they’re done…hilarious

  6. LOFL! Where can I get one of those?

  7. Hirudinea says:

    Man, did I get pissed last night!

  8. Uri says:

    One word, crass!

  9. echodelta says:

    He dribbles down the rim. A miss. No points.

  10. stormdog says:

    Pisco is a drink in Chile, right? So it’s a pun?

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