Generating Embroidery with an Arduino

Arduino Embroidery Generation

Want a nifty way to combine the craft of embroidery with electronics? The folks working on the open source Embroidermodder demoed their software by generating an embroidery of the KDE logo using a TFT screen and an Arduino.

Embroidermodder is an open source tool for generating embroidery patterns. It generates a pattern and a preview rendering of what the embroidery will look like when complete. It’s a cross-platform desktop application with a GUI, but the libembroidery library does the hard work in the background. This library was ported to Arduino to pull off the hack.

While generating pictures of embroidery with an Arduino might look neat, it isn’t too useful. However, since the library has been ported it is possible to use it to control other hardware. With the right hardware, this could be the beginning of an open source embroidery machine.

After the break, check out a video of the pattern being generated.


  1. pcf11 says:

    You didn’t have to tell me that was the KDE logo. It’s obviously the KDE logo!

  2. vonskippy says:

    Good thing they showed it drawing the same thing three freaking times, otherwise it just wouldn’t convey the excitement at the extreme level.

  3. Galane says:

    I’d like to see someone hack a Singer model 6199 Brilliance sewing machine so any stitch pattern could be done. It has 100 built in stitches, without using mechanical cams.

    Hack whatever controls the sideways displacement of the needle and do whatever custom design you want, crazy stuff like making the machine sew a live recording of an EKG.

  4. juddyydduj says:

    No Tajima, Toyota or Brother format?

    Can you “punch” with this?

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