Birdly, The Virtual Reality Simulator Guaranteed to Wear You Out


Have you ever dreamed of being able to fly like a bird? Sadly, we’re just too heavy with our solid bones and fatty tissues – but now there’s a simulator called Birdly which will give you the experience you crave!

The Swiss team, consisting of [Max Rheiner], [Fabien Troxler], [Thomas Tobler] and [Thomas Erdin] wanted to build a simulator never done before – one that will simulate flapping your wings and actually flying around. They’re using the Oculus Rift to complete the visual experience, and a rather unique simulator chair that you lie face down on. It features two mechanical wings that you strap your hands into, with gas springs to provide resistance – sensors measure the stroke and power of your “flap”, relaying the information to the computer in order to control your virtual wings. You can also lean in any direction, allowing for fancy bird acrobatics.

A large fan directly mounted off the front helps to make the experience feel even more real, as you fly around in the virtual world. They say it also includes olfactoric feedback, which presents different scents to you, representative of where you are in the virtual world — we’re not too sure how that works, but it sounds pretty awesome!

[via Reddit]


  1. Flappy birds sim!

  2. Dave says:

    Someone has watch lawnmower man lol

  3. birdo says:

    but can you poop on cars?

  4. mrx says:

    Anyone else see the resemblance to the VR in Lawnmower man?

  5. fartface says:

    Olfactory reinforcement? Quick someone hack in a wastewater treatment plant into the map!

  6. Eirinn says:

    I love custom peripherals and this is no exception. Would be cool to try out! :)

  7. phlt says:

    Add coliber, and there will be fat burning mode :D

  8. Carol Wasson says:

    Sure beats jumping off the piano wearing a cape and flapping your arms.

  9. pcf11 says:

    Fly little birdie, fly!

  10. Thinkerer says:

    Excellent build!! Now for the other flying dream…the one where you jump higher and higher, farther and farther, until you eventually just fly…

  11. GoogleSucksAppleSucks says:

    Screw birds, give me a bat simulator! Actually, make it a rabbit bat simulator so it is kind of authentic to fly around during the day.

  12. Joee says:

    I wish they made a girlfriend simulator

  13. techywechy says:

    Awesome workout. Just link it to an RC plane and you’re sorted – you’ll actually be a bird!

  14. zuul says:

    just need those arcade motorcycles and you’ve got lawnmower man

  15. I guess I should finish my sloth VR simulator… I’ve just been a bit lazy about it.

  16. nitori says:

    Next interface it to a quad copter or better yet some sorta ornithopter UAV.

  17. mestr says:

    A bucket of gin in front of the fan when flying over a spruce forest? Sounds like a plan!

  18. anon2524 says:

    Pair this with Dragon Eyes.

  19. thats when you know you have to much time on your hands lol

  20. axodus says:

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