Project Sentinel — A Bipedal Walking Robot


[Ye Guan] has always been fascinated by walking robots — so he decided to build his own. It’s called Project Sentinel, and he’s loosely based the design off of the Sentinel Walker from Warhammer 40K, and the two-legged AT-AT walker from Star Wars.

Both of these robots are based off of a bird’s walking style. Scientifically this is called the digitgrade walking style, which means they stand and walk on their digits (toes) — this typically allows them to move more quickly and quietly than most other animals.

[Ye] has managed to achieve this for his project using 8 servo motors, balancing the center of mass directly above the feet. Think about it like a reverse pendulum, which is supported by the servos torque and balanced by a gyroscope. He plans to have it fully autonomous with sensor feedback.

It’s not done yet, but he’s already released all the CAD files and a nice build log for anyone to attempt it themselves — we’re excited to see the final product. Just take a look at it walking in place after the break!

[via HackedGadgets]


  1. ErichK says:

    Two legged walker from Star Wars was AT-ST. AT-AT has four legs :)

  2. You mean AT-ST not AT-AT.

  3. Z00111111 says:

    I like the design, but those servos don’t seem to be moving smooth enough for it to not fall over. Hopefully it’s just a coding issue and not a hardware one.

  4. Hirudinea says:

    Ah, so cute, it’s a baby ED-209, but you better be careful, he gets kind on mean in his teenage years.

  5. m3 says:

    so the video shows what? a servo sequencer working, nothing else.

  6. Yep was about to say the same. Looks exactly like ed 209 ;) Just print some casing + add 2 airsoft shooters and done…

  7. Bobby says:

    looks pretttty cool.

  8. arcadebench says:

    I was thinking Stormcrow. Mount a couple of med lasers, machine guns and a Streak SRM-6.

  9. randommate says:

    No one else saw a Locust finally about to bust out of the inner sphere? Shame..

  10. GameboyRMH says:

    It needs to have some left/right rotation at the hips, or it will only be able to turn by coming to a complete stop and doing an awkward unstable shuffle.

    Also reminded me of ED-209 right away.

  11. Christopher says:

    is that from the ministry of silly walking robots?

  12. Maave says:

    Where does the railgun go?

  13. blurD says:

    I have a few constructive comments about this design based off what you plan on doing to finish the project. First, instead of you using pressure sensors to ensure the feet are on the floor you could use a ir led and phototransistor which would probable save money and space and you could fit more sensors on there by just milling out spots for them. Second you mentioned about using ball bearings or nylon washer for the joints of the legs. You may be able to use CD player or DVD player motors with a h-bridge setup, I’m not entirely sure if that will provide enough torque though. Then thirdly based of a comment left earlier you could use servos to make the legs pivot therefor making it be able to turn easier. Hope this helped out if at all.

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