San Francisco Event: Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic



It’s a mouthful to say, but an evening-ful of fun. San Franciscans who like to talk about all things hardware need to block this one out on their calendars:

Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic
Thursday, August 14th 2014 starting 6pm-9:30pm
500 3rd St., Suite 230 in San Francisco

The night will include a few talks on hardware; So far we know [Matt Berggren] is doing FPGA stuff, [Chris Gammell] will talk about KiCAD, and I’m going to talk about the community adventure that is Mooltipass. We’re also looking for others to make presentations so step up and share your hardware passion!

In addition to the formal talks there’ll be plenty of time for chewing the fat with all the other hardware-awesomes that will be there. See you a week from tomorrow, and don’t be shy about bringing your own hardware to show off!


  1. hue says:

    August 14th is not a Wednesday…

  2. PK says:

    This looks tempting – do you folks have any South Bay plans? I’d love to make it out to one of these.

  3. (creator of the mooltipass project here)
    How come i’m only discovering this now?

  4. EGHM says:

    Any chance the meetup or sessions will be recorded? As a member of the Mooltipass team I’m curious as to what people are saying about us.

  5. IPAddict says:

    Just a heads up, its in the 510/520 building on 3rd st., you’ll see a sign in the lobby. Go up 2 floors and it’s in suite 230.

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