hackaday links

hackaday links

everything else you wanted to know about diy kegerators
basic stamp introduction
another good basic stamp resource
some pictures apparantly of a gamecube embedded in a pc case
homemade aluminum ipod case. sweet.
duct tape ipod case. sweeter.
duct tape and lego hackers can get jobs too
bender costume construction notes (in german, click the arrows)
another german hacker starts his pc with an ignition key (german, pdf)
mpaa lokitorrent takedown
schneier on ecommerce security and a paid parking lot hack

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basic stamp controlled kegerator


evan jensen sent us a link to his basic stamp kegerator.  the microcontroller monitors and regulates the temperature, and outputs status information and the name of the current beer to an lcd display.  this looks like a fun project if you are looking to get started with hacking electronics.  for our non beer drinkers, i can assure you that root beer is also best served cold and from a tap.

i’ve never used a basic stamp before, but i’ve noticed that a lot of other people are using the microprocessor to do cool things, including james the weather ballon hacker from earlier this week.  i just ordered a starter kit last evening, so if people are interested maybe i can post an introduction when i receive it.

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