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superhero makes car boot hack irrelevant [aienan]

ladyada (of minty mp3 fame) made a personal cellphone jammer called the wave bubble as part of her masters thesis.

i mentioned that a wifi jammer would also be neat.  here’s a link to a prototype that jams everything but your own connection. [simon]

make a hotplate out of old cyrix cpus [eakthekat]

david gould went on a hack rampage over the last week and sent in a kabillion hack links:
turn a hard drive into a set of wind chimes
a continuation on the BoingBoing DRM coffee machine hacks
mac mini hdtv hack
bluetooth enabled star trek communicator
fix bluespoon ax’s flashing led

13 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. i am looking for tool that
    allow me to get into a computer
    like a game or photo with code in it
    you give it to somebody
    then logon to there pc desktop
    and get into there computer
    access files & stuff
    do you know where i can get it

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