Rfid Dartmail


in a last ditch effort to avoid thesis work, tony tang and eric pattison hacked together dartmail, a ballistic file transfer protocol.

The head of the Dart contains an RFID tag. By waving the tag over the reader, the ‘shooter’ can attach a handle to any electronic file (located in a shared file system) to the dart. After being shot, the victim can pass the dart over his or her reader (although invariable this is a guy’s thing), and see the file on the screen.

in the video they also propose using the rfid file handle in the form of a business card.  but really, 9 out of 10 business contacts would just prefer the pleasantry of being shot with a dart.  thanks for the link b-rad.

7 thoughts on “Rfid Dartmail

  1. Well, my latent super powers tell me they are shooting the dart at the reader to get the info there.
    The RFID thing is all known, the dart gun thing is known, combine them with your imagination and see the results in your mind!

    The dart is carrying the RFID chip to the reader in a more entertaining and interesting fashion.

    See, it’s not as much fun when you have to explain it.


  2. someone needs to combine this with the cubicle claymore. maybe RFID tags embedded in the clothes so you can see who was trying to steal your stapler. “Office Space” would have a very different ending

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