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we’re back from the market and we’ve brought you the freshest of links!

aside from some encyclopedia issues and a little linux promotion going on, there is much to be discussed.

looks like researcher richard etter got bored with his daily attire and decided to get a bit more technical about his wardrobe.

also, someone got ahold of motorola’s new itunes phone which is very cool looking. they we’re able to re-create it as well and you can too.

google whom we all know and love, has come up with a little thing called ridefinder to help you

4 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. “display the phase of the moon in ASCII”

    What I’d really like to do is print out huge pictures of Snoopy in ASCII using a dot matrix printer and a mile and a half of fanfold paper.

    Not really, but that’s what it reminded me of.
    That and dialup BBSs. Remember those?

    Great fun at 2400 baud…

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